Made in Canada

Fresh Earth Products

The company, Fresh Earth Products, was founded in 2012 to make the new Speedibin composter available. With an enthusiasm for backyard food production, we see composting as a basic step in organic gardening.

Based in Merville on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Speedibin composter production is the main focus at the moment. Speedibins are fabricated in Abbotsford, BC, Canada and are available for shipping pretty much anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Fresh Earth Products is owned and operated by Joyce and Paul McMenamon who work with a talented team to develop Speedibin production. And we have many other cool ideas in the pipeline. Send us a note if you have suggestions. Remember, we’re all enjoying this planet together!

Our History

Although the Speedibin composter was developed in the early 1990’s, it didn't compete well in the market place with less expensive plastic bins. However, world thought has changed since then. Composting and backyard food production is becoming mainstream. This is wonderful for the planet: less trucking, less material to the landfill and more nutrients returned to the earth. But often backyard composing means that we are ringing the dinner bell for pests.

Fresh Earth Products is eager to resolve that obstacle. We have tweaked the design of the original Speedibin to create the ideal and affordable composter for backyard use.

The daughter of the original inventor, Joyce McMenamon, is working with an amazing team to make the Speedibin widely available. We have made several significant improvements to the original design including a latching handle that keeps out raccoons, dogs and the wind.  The Deluxe Speedibin has a hinged lid to make it a little easier to use.  Our goal is to make backyard composting easy and safe.

Image: Fred Francis and original Speedibin

The Back Story

“In 1989, City Farmer was asked by Metro Vancouver to come up with an idea to prevent rats from accessing compost bins. Pest control experts said that the answer was to “build them out”. So a new compost bin had to be invented, with four impenetrable sides, plus a lid and base to prevent entry by rodents.

Inventors came up with plastic, wood and metal bin designs. One excellent metal bin, the “Speedibin”, was created by Fred Francis of Victoria, BC. A small number of his bins were manufactured, but because plastic bins flooded the market at a much lower price, the metal bins didn't survive.

Now Fred's daughter Joyce has resurrected the “Speedibin”. For those who have been visited by a rat or want a very strong bin, this metal composter is a wonderful alternative to plastic.”

- City Farmer News, July 2011